Fresh Australian Produce

Established in 2014

Tenfarms fresh produce directly from Australia’s best farmers.

Tenfarms approach: Tenfarms was created to deliver exceptional quality fresh produce from supply partners who have helped create a uniquely efficient trading business direct from farm to the customer. Tenfarms is underpinned by some of Australia’s best primary producers of -:

Tenfarms Customers

Tenfarms exists to ensure its customers enjoy reliable service every day in the supply of fresh produce both within Australia and overseas.

Tenfarms team in Victoria and NSW are experienced produce people who manage to ensure that our customers’ expectations are well and truly delivered daily.Our farms are committed and determined to produce products that will satisfy every time.

This goal is reflected in our rapid growth since commencement in 2014.

Pears hanging from the Tree

Fresh produce overseas

Creating a market for all of the produce on the tree enables Tenfarms to access a complete range of sizes and characteristics to meet our customers’ demands in Asia, Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Exporting a complete range of fresh produce by air and refrigerated sea shipments every week of the year affords our customers the ability to work together all of the year and not just seasonally.

We greatly appreciate the support of our overseas customers who create a market for the extra range of sizes and grades helping farmers spread the produce through a broader range of markets.

Tenfarms can provide straight lines of single products or offer a mixed order with a range of over 100 lines of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and pre-packed lines daily.

Pears hanging from the Tree