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Renowned for their immunity-boosting properties, Australian lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, limes and oranges are a staple in most households.

As nutrient rich as they are flavoursome, citrus offers year-round vibrancy to the Tenfarms fruit bowl.



Named after the Valencia region in Spain, although its actual origins are unknown; the Valencia is the best variety for juicing due to their high juice content. They are thin skinned and generally available outside of the ‘citrus season’.

Tasting note: flavourful and juicy


The Navel is by far the most popular variety, distinguished by its navel-shaped hole at the base of the fruit. The Navel orange is as vitamin rich as it is flavoursome. With a thicker skin, Navel oranges are best sliced and eaten however they do juice well..

Tasting note: packed with flavour


Lisbon, Eureka and Seedless varieties means that lemons can be enjoyed year-round. Best known for their detoxification properties, adding natural flavour to your daily routine has never been simpler.

Tasting note: Tart and juicy


Small but mighty, limes are fast becoming part of the Australian culture. Cut one up and drop into your beer or cocktail for a refreshing twist.

Tasting note: flavourful and fresh


Affectionately known as the mild grapefruit, the Pomelo is pale green to yellow in colour when ripe, with sweet white flesh. The fruit has a very thick pith/rind visible when cut.

Tasting note: mildly tart yet sweet

Blood Orange

With it’s striking crimson-red flesh and deep red blushed skin, the Blood orange has gained itself a cult-like following.

Tasting note: intense orange flavour with raspberry-like undertones


The Dekapon mandarin is easily identified by its unique bumpy skin and top knob. This variety is relatively new to the market, but gaining momentum due to its super-sweet flavour, easy to peel skin and seedless nature.

Tasting note: sweet and juicy

Imperial mandarin

An early season variety, the Imperial mandarin is an Aussie favourite due to it’s glossy orange skin finish, easy peel nature and sweet juicy bite.

 Tasting note: sweet and easy to peel

Afourer mandarin

A late-season variety, the Afourer mandarin is striking in colour with a deep orange-red skin finish and sweet, juicy flavour.

Tasting note: juicy

Honey Murcott mandarin

The Honey Murcott is yellow to orange in colour, easy to peel and a characteristically honey-sweet flavour.

Tasting note: Honey-sweet



QLD, Riverland and

Sunraysia regions NSW, Mildura

On top of being a bacteria-fighting aid, it’s been proven that consumption of Australian citrus can have a positive impact on cancer and cardiovascular diseases health. There are so many reasons to include Aussie citrus in your daily routine.


top tip

As a natural detoxifier, sliced lemons can be used to spruce up your water bottle!